OCIO Services

King Pine Investments

Integrated View

Our solutions reflect the long-term, perpetual nature of your mission. King Pine Investments creates an integrated investment office that provides tailored design, value add execution, comprehensive support, and clear accountability. An investment office is more than picking managers and providing reports. As your integrated investment office, we understand your mission and strategic plan and create a flexible and nimble solution that views all aspects of financing to achieve your objectives and other requirements.

An integrated investment office also includes the operational, legal, and compliance processes that are the foundation of good governance.


Translating your mission and objectives to an investment policy that incorporates risk, spending, liquidity and costs.

Modeling and analyzing investment outcomes based on mission sensitive scenarios.


Implementing an investment program that utilizes open architecture across all asset classes.

Providing ongoing monitoring, compliance, portfolio rebalancing, and full operational support.


Providing clear custom reports for each level of client constituents – board, committee, staff.

Supporting development and advancement.